This agreement is entered into on ________________________, by and between Moskee Inv. Co., Lessor and __________________________________________, Lesee: Witnesseth: that in consideration of the payment of the rents and performance of the terms of Lesee's covenants herein, Lessor hereby rents to the Lesee, and Lesee rents from Lessor, for the use as residence, those certain premises described as a house located at 80340 Pacific Street, Arch Cape, Oregon, for a term of _______ nights commencing on _____________ and ending at 12:00 noon on _____________ at a rental rate of $______ per night, $______ per week, payable in advance. The Lesee agrees to pay a sum of $500.00(Winter) $1,000 (Summer) upon making the reservation, broken down as follows:


Refundable Security Deposit.....................$

Cleaning Fee……………………...………..$



The security deposit may be held 30 days from departure. Rents are payable by check to Moskee Investment. Co. P.O. Box E-11   80326 Pacific Road Arch Cape, Oregon 97102 




Payments by Paypal can be made to   

Internet payments will have a 3% surcharge added for service.

Is further mutually agreed between the parties as follows:

1.   The premises shall be occupied by no more than 19 occupants.

2.   Lesee shall not violate any county ordinance or state or federal law in or about the premise.

3.   Lesee shall not sublet the premises.

4.   CANCELLATION POLICY: Outside of 60 days there is a $25.00 handling charge. The remainder of the Lesee's reservation deposit will be refunded. Within 60 days the Lesee will forfeit all of the deposit. If the Lessor is able to re-rent the Lesee's time period, the Monies will be refunded to the Lesee for the time that has been re-rented.

5.   Prior to departure, the Lesee shall have kitchen clean with dishes done and put away; used beds stripped, linens and towels washed and beds remade; garbage dumped and secured in outside cans; heat and lights turned off and doors locked. Need for "excessive cleaning" beyond what would be ordinary, may result in forfeiture of a portion of the security deposit. Please, leave key on kitchen counter.

6.   Lesee Shall abide by the Coleman House Rules, attached as Exhibit A hereto.

7.   Lessee agrees to assume any liability for, and to hold Lessor harmless from the conduct of all Lesees or Lesee's invitees or guests, in or upon any part of the premises, and to be responsible for any damage or breakage to Lessor's equipment, fixtures or appliances, not caused by Lessor's misconduct or willful neglect.

8.   Nothing harein shall be constructed as waiving any rights provided by law or either party.

9.   The rental premises consists of the house with a street address of 80340 Pacific Street, Arch Cape, Oregon, the immediate adjacent lawn area and parking in the rear of the house. Lesee understands that there are other structures on the site as well as various equipments and materials stored on the site, and Lesee shall not have access to said areas.

10. The stairs down to the beach are to be used at the sole risk and peril of the Lesee, his or her family and guests, and any children under the age of 14 using the stairs shall be supervised by an adult.

11. With regard to the use of the ocean and beach, the Lesee acknowledges and understands that (a) Entering and swimming in the ocean is always hazardous under any conditions and may cause serious bodily injury and sometimes death; (b) tidal action at the beach may cause beach logs to roll and inflict serious bodily injury and sometimes death; (c) anyone entering and swimming in the ocean assumes the risks involved with such action, and (d) Lessor does not provide a lifeguard for the beach or ocean and accepts no responsibility for the use of the beach or ocean by the undersigned Lesee, his or her family, other members of their party or any of their guests.

12. The local manager of said premises is Mike Niebuhr (503) 436 2165, address: 400 Sunset Drive, Cannon Beach, OR 97103.

13. Lessor acknowledges receipt of the sum of $____________ as deposit to confirm the reservation of such premises for the term of the arrangement.

14.  The Lessor will charge $50.00 for checks returned by the bank for any reason.

15.  NO SMOKING allowed in the home. This will result in forfeiture of the security deposit.

16. All furnishings are the personal property of the Lessor and shall be left on the premises

17.  Check in time is _________ / Check out time is 12:00 noon.

18. Telephone number is (503) 436 2369

19.   IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU LIMIT YOUR CARS TO SIX.  If you exceed this limit, the house will not be available to your party in    the future.







Moskee Inv. Co.





To be mailed to:

Moskee Investments Co.

P.O. Box E-11

80326 Pacific Road

Arch Cape Oregon 97102